FIWARE Innova iHub at the FIWARE Global Summit 2023

The FIWARE Global Summit 2023 held in Vienna brought together industry experts, innovators, and technology enthusiasts from around the world. The Summit was a significant milestone for FIWARE Innova iHub, as we showcased our commitment to empowering local innovation and digital transformation. This article highlights the key highlights of our participation, focusing on the valuable insights, connections, and knowledge gained throughout the Summit.

Strengthening the Ecosystem

FIWARE Innova iHub’s participation at the Summit played a crucial role in fortifying the local ecosystem. By establishing connections with other FIWARE iHubs, the team explored collaboration opportunities and shared knowledge. These partnerships with regional players aim to create an innovation-friendly environment and foster the growth of local businesses.

Expanding the FIWARE Ecosystem

One of the primary goals of the Summit was to expand the network of Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) powered by FIWARE. During the event, five new DIHs were announced from Spain, Finland, the US, and Canada, effectively broadening the boundaries of the FIWARE iHubs community. Additionally, new working groups were established to enhance collaboration and create new business opportunities. The working groups include:

  • Working Group 1: Boosting FIWARE iHubs Collaboration – Moderated by Jorge Osuna Pons
  • Working Group 2: Collaborative Value Proposition Building – Moderated by Vincent Demortier
  • Working Group 3: Fostering FIWARE-based Territories and Communities – Moderated by Pierre Golz and Irene Provvidenza

Leadership in Smart City Development

Irene Provvidenza, representing FIWARE Innova iHub, will lead the working group responsible for developing FIWARE-based technologies for innovation projects focused on building smart cities and smart communities. This opportunity is highly regarded, as it allows the iHub to leverage its experience in working with cities to benefit the international FIWARE community.

Matchmaking and Collaboration Opportunities

The Summit provided an excellent platform for networking and engaging with other stakeholders through matchmaking sessions. These sessions facilitated discussions on challenges, business opportunities, and open innovation surrounding digital transformation. FIWARE Innova iHub is confident that these interactions will give rise to outstanding collaborations that drive innovation for more sustainable and livable cities and territories.

Irene Provvidenza FIWARE
Andrea Cruciani FIWARE


The FIWARE Global Summit 2023 was a pivotal event for FIWARE Innova iHub, allowing us to showcase our dedication to local innovation and digital transformation. By strengthening the ecosystem, expanding the FIWARE community, and working hard together with the DIH ecosystem,FIWARE demonstrated commitment to fostering collaboration and driving positive change. The connections made and insights gained from the Summit will undoubtedly contribute to the growth of FIWARE and its impact on global innovation.