Descrizione Progetto

event security management

In collaboration with the City of Independence Oregon (USA), a pilot Project was implemented to facilitate the management of Independence Day, on the 4th of July 2018. The project realization was possible thanks to the award and financial support of FIWARE, the European business accelerator and official partner of the Global City Teams Challenge.

Solution adopted

To monitor the event it was used FIWARE Context Broker technology integrated to the SituationRoom geographical dashboard.The platform connected to the sensors detected the crowds of people and sent instructions to the city task force. This tool allowed to keep under close control every sensitive aspect of the celebration, with particular reference to communication, viability and safety.

How does it work

The dashboard is easy to use and doesn’t request particular technical skills. The city operational team was trained to use it efficiently in order to provide great experiences.

The SituationRoom platform represents a sort of centralized brain that collects the necessary information and then distributes it to the various operators involved in the organization of the celebration (city staff, volunteers, police forces, etc.).

Each team member have the possibility to access the dashboard and manage the administrative part of its competence: view analysis and reporting, have an overview of the data on the map, manage and assign alerts.