AgroTrust: food traceability system


AgroTrust: food traceability system The issue of traceability of the food chain has become a priority for all production realities that recognize the need for market recognition of the quality of their products. Companies benefit from the recognition of the territoriality of production, the sustainability of the production chain, the [...]

Digital Readiness Assessment Maturity: WiseTown for the city of Independence Oregon (USA)


Digital Readiness Assessment Maturity WiseTown startup pilot in the Municipality of Independence Oregon (USA) event security management The pilot Project was implemented by WiseTown, in collaboration with the City of Independence Oregon (USA), to facilitate the management of Independence Day, on the 4th of [...]

Pilot development support: DoNotFear, a safety project with a participatory approach


DoNotFear is a safety application with a participatory approach developed by WiseTown in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Berlin and co-funded by EIT Digital.

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